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    Welcome to Golden Star Cruises. Our boat , the closest and quickest way to get to Shipwreck , is from Porto Vromi Anafonitria of Zakynthos , where the northwest coast of the island .

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    Daily Join us to enjoy a fantastic visit to the famous shipwreck





Our boat is a family business based in Porto vromi- Anafonitria Zakynthos.
Our priority is to spend an unforgettable experience crossing the blue waters with the most comfortable boat and the most pleasant staff.

The Porto vromi- Anafonitria was the first cove that started made trips to the famous<< Shipwreck >>, because it is the closest route making the trip enjoyable and discovering the natural beauty of the northwest side of the island.



Daily Join us to enjoy a fantastic visit to the famous shipwreck, we offer you a comfortable journey, with the captain and crew guarantees you unforgettable summer holiday in the famous shipwreck.

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*** Special offer 20% for groups of 5 or more people ..

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*** Private cruises on request ..

To Shipwreck, as it is called, Zakynthos is a ship wreck that washed up on a remote beach of the island, and today is one of the most interesting sights. Continue reading ...

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